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Korean Language Education Textbook

The following textbook and exercise materials are freely provided to educators/teachers/students of Korean language. The authors reserve full rights of the contents. No part of this textbook and exercise book may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the authors.

Korean In Action: For International Learners (by Gi-Hyun Shin & Adrian Buzo)

Textbook Units & Exercises

Unit 1: INSA – SAYING THE RIGHT THING 인사 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 2: HANGEUL (1) - THE KOREAN ALPHABET 한글 (1) (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 3: HANGEUL (2) - THE KOREAN ALPHABET 한글 (2) (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 4: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? 어디 가요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 5: GREEN TEA, PLEASE 녹차 주세요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 6: HOW MUCH ARE THESE? 이거 얼마예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 7: KOREAN CLASS 한국어 교실 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 8: ARE YOU FREE THIS AFTERNOON? 오후에 시간 있어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 9: WHICH COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM? 어느 나라에서 왔어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 10: WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP? 몇 시에 일어났어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 11: BON APPETIT 많이 드세요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 12: DO WE GO BY TRAIN, OR BY BUS? 기차로 가요, 버스로 가요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 13: FAMILY 가족 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 14: WHAT’S YOUR MAJOR? 전공이 뭐예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 15: CAN YOU PLAY BASEBALL? 야구할 줄 알아요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 16: THIS IS WHERE I LIVE 우리 집 이에요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 17: SHE LOOKS LIKE HER MOTHER 엄마를 닮은 것 같아요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 18: WHERE WILL YOU GET IT? 어디서 살 거예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 19: HOW DO YOU FEEL? 기분이 어때요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 20: WHAT’S IT LIKE LIVING IN KOREA? 한국에서 살기가 어때요? (Texts) (Exercises)

If you prefer downloading all units of texts and exercises in one complete file, use the following links

Textbook in all units - File Size 3MB (Download)

Exercises in all unit - File Size 4MB (Download)



Learning to Teach Korean (Prepared by Seong-Chul Shin)
_ A quick refernce to Korean language, research and cultural practices

File Size 5.3MB (Download)



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